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Shawn Oban has been singing his entire life. Originally inspired by his music teacher (Mrs. Traeholt) and his father singing in church, Shawn’s love for music really took off by listening to the music of the 80's. Also known as Hair Metal! He dreamed of singing on stage swinging his long, beautiful, flowing hair around as huge crowds screamed. It seems a little funny now! Shawn started singing in bands during high school and eventually landed in Higherground.

no photo available: ShawnHighergound was a four piece rock band playing top 40 hits of the 90’s. With the release of two CDs and some radio airplay Higherground found success in the upper Midwest. It was during this time Shawn found comfort and confidence in songwriting and composed several favorites. "You" was the first song written, and a rough description of the insecurities Shawn often feels when dealing with others. "Last Lost Girl" is a ballad describing the life lessons learned with the passing of his father. On the second Higherground release Shawn added some electric guitar to his original compositions, but it was clear that the acoustic guitar was turning into his first love. "It's Only Me" was a song written in the middle of the night when Shawn awoke from a dream. It is this selection that received the most airplay. "More Time" was a song written after his father's death. Shawn also teamed with his wife on "For You" where Kristin contributed the lyrics and Shawn came up with the melody and music. Higherground performed for 5 years.

Acoustic guitar was playing a more substantial part of his life. Junk was the next project. Junk was an over-the-top rock and roll outfit that played loud and hard. Their shows were big. It was also during this time that Shawn started playing acoustic, solo shows. The shows consisted of acoustic versions of songs performed by the band, but also original music written on and for an acoustic guitar. It was also during this time that Junk recorded a new studio album and featured a version of "Leaving on a Jet Plane". This tune was significant to Shawn because it was the song that signified his father's time in Vietnam. It was also a song embraced by many around the Midwest because of the conflict and eventual war in Iraq. Many young men and women came out and listened to the band before heading oversees and an acoustic version is something still requested and played.

Shawn currently plays in the band Rift who takes pride in the fact that "we play everything". Focusing on North Dakota, Shawn and Rift performs at street dances, colleges, and corporate events. It is also the time Shawn spent significant more time playing solo, acoustic gigs. It was during this time he composed “The Answer" which documents the search we all have which is looking for the meaning of life. He currently splits his time between acoustic shows and Rift concerts.

Shawn plays roughly 100 shows a year. He plays anywhere and everywhere including bars, restaurants, colleges, private parties, corporate events, and schools. Looking into the future Shawn plans on recording an acoustic album of kid’s music, an acoustic Christmas music, an acoustic cover song album, and continues to write new acoustic tunes where he plays at regular shows.